Writings / A new year filled of questions and hopes

By: majda al belbese

One year since the tragic war which was one of the most severe for the Palestinian people in general and Gazan resident in  particular. That year saw the worst war in history, the  restricted  siege, and crises at the life and daily shortage of electricity, water and fuel, the crisis of patients " Rafah crossing, "as well as the suffering of students who lost their seats  at State Universities.


But with all these dark data, a new year came , and questions and many questions still hovering in the minds of Gaza resident, particularly… Will the comprehensive national reconciliation be applied? What is its destiny? Will Shalit, the Israeli soldier, deal see a breakthrough in the thorny issue this year? Is the siege going to vanish as a miracle? Is it a start  for providing  the basic materials which the flour and rice   is considered one  its main. However, cement, which has become the most urgent and necessary to accommodate the thousands of families that are still related to a glimmer of hope to  return them  to unify and  to preserve the privacy which  have been violated over the whole year, and diaspora and displacement.


The main concerning questions will the  human rights  respected by the two governments in Gaza and Ramallah,? Will we  see a breakthrough  this year, in freedom and stop the policy of gagging? Can  a Gazan resident express his  own opinion freely in and  go out for  peaceful demonstrations in national events and others?.


Ambitions and hopes are still owned by Gazan dreams  to be achieved this year, despite public frustration, which controls the vast majority of people in the Strip and lack of vision for any horizon or a breakthrough soon, according to the data and the current indications. However, the citizen remain  clutching the lifeline and the straw is enough  to save him from drowning


The issue of elections as a  benefit unconstitutional, Is the world featuring in the new year,  a new look and personalities and leaders  who are able to assume the responsibilities of the people and the concerns of the restructuring of the Palestine Liberation Organization  which is the home legitimate for all spectrum of Palestinian?? Will it  be reconsidered   to have a legislative institution  which is able to make and enact laws that would achieve equity and justice for all segments of the community particularly the segment of women through the Family Code and the Youth Act, following the interruption of constitutional life for a long time and ruled by the law of the jungle??.


Everyone dreams  and hops after a  long pause with the self through the  previous painful scenarios that he  received,  that to meet  this year with cautious optimism  and to achieve a breakthrough on several levels . We  all believe and hope that soon, God willing