Zakher Projects

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The project started in 2009 and financed the first phase of implementation by the Global Fund for Women GFW .The Belgian Development Agency BTC financied  the second phase of the project in 2010 

Free Medical Days

It was carried out several times during the past four years, and it is still ongoing progress in implementing of more free, medical, periodic and continuous days in partnership with Al-Ahli hospital.

Trining Instead Of Food

It was a raining project implemented in partnership with the Housing Foundation (CHF) on 2004 and the goal is to train women to make collage and embroidery industry in return for food parcels.

Emergency Programme

Emergency program  is one of the programs that were implemented by Zakher Association  in light of unusual circumstances and came in response to urgent requirements  after the recent war in the Gaza Strip at  the end of 2009 and early 2010.  

A project to strengthen the role of women in Palestinian legislative elections

The project was implemented in 2006 and sought to educate women about their legal and electoral rights and this was funded by the American foundation: the Global Fund for Women (GFW).

Gazzan youth speak out

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Open OfficeProject

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Project : Water Is For Every Body

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