Zakher Projects / Makers of domestic peace

Zakher Association implements the project  of (domestic Peace Makers) which is funded by the German Heinrich Böll Foundation / HEINRICH POEL, which aims to disseminate the values ​​of peace between the families and the families of Palestinian women to  access to Palestinian society tolerant.

Project Objectives:
1 - Organizing women into groups to intervene in conflicts and resolve disputes at the community level
2 - Building the capacity of women's groups in communication and negotiation skills in conflict issues with the various local parties involved in the issue of conflict
3 - Facilitating and consolidating the leadership positions for members of women's groups in the community

The project is in three stages: -
1 - The formation of women's groups.
2 - Group training on several issues.
3 - The women are  implementing of the activities of the project and working with the local community.