Zakher Products

  • Portfolio

    80 شيكل

  • Portfolio

    70 شيكل

  • Gusts tray

    Gusts tray with agricultural embroideryand mediumsized.

  • Mobile Cover

    Mobile Cover of  agricultural embroidery with Mons  color.

  • Portfolio

    Portfolio with one of the most famousstitch embroidery known civil.

  • Small Bag

    A smallbag of agricultural embroidery,  for  multiple  embroidery  with one unit.

  • Pendants

    Pendants for Christmas colors consistent and attractive.

  • Small Bag

    A small bag of agricultural embroidery for multiple uses, the unit used is the flower.

  • Small Bag

    A smallbag of agricultural embroidery for  multiple uses, bright  and distinct colors .

  • Different colors and harmonious coordination

     Different colors and harmonious coordination