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Entertainment Picnic for Women

Within  the  activities and events of the initiative gender project, "gender", which is implemented by the international relief agency  under the supervision of the General Union of  Cultural Centers in partnership with Zakher  Association for the development   of Palestinian women capacities,  an entertainment trip  for women and girls  has been implemented  and on Sunday 05/22/2011 for nearly 100 women of who participate  in the various  activities of Zakher and in the  three fields of the project (Sports - Computers - and women's forums.( The starting point for the bus at nine in the morning from the headquarters of the main office  in Shijaiya al Mintar Street  was heading to Haifa restaurant on the coast of Gaza. The  trip  has  included   a team who also working on a project  such as trainers and supervisors and facilitators, and project management   from  the UNRWA and the General Union. The aim of this trip is  to provide an entertainment  environment to help supporting  women psychologically, socially, and  to create an atmosphere of   fun and entertainment   to relieve the burden faced by women in daily life, and this is sought by Zakher which is  striving to achieve "provide a decent life for women," and  this is  so obvious through the activities, programs and the  projects implemented by the Foundation within the mission and goals. It is worth mentioning   that   the prevailing atmosphere of happiness and joy  filled  the place through fun    games   and recreation on the beach, singing,   feeling fun. We  left the place at three o'clock on a regular basis thanking the Department and the Foundation for the implementation of such trip and wishing to organize such trips in the future. The initiative project of gender established  in 2008 in order to support and empower women and girls and  to improve their abilities to better levels and more capabilities. The  project   is implemented  currently in the 26 institutions at  Gaza  Strip . The project consists of three main activities which  are sports, computers, conventions, educational, which includes character handicrafts, art, book club, free expression and discussion panels.


Global Campaign Education for All

Zakher Association for Developing Palestinian Women Capacities  has implemented many of the activities and events such as  workshops and  valuable performances to highlight the right of girls and women in education and screening a documentary about depriving women of their right  of  education within the activities and events of the "Global Campaign for Education for All" during the period from 2 to 8 May 2011 in coordination of the Teacher Creativity Center, and under the supervision of the General Union of Cultural Centers and within the innovation  of educational within  educational  forums  under the supervision of gender project  supervised by  Nisreen Al Mabhouh.  Also it was was presented the story of "Mrs. Insherah  Al Manasra " or Om Ghassan, who has been  deprived from the right of  education, but did not give up. Her ambition to  forces her complete the study, especially after her marriage and the giving  birth of her five children and then became  an active community-based NGOs, in particular at Zakher, which granted  her to hold the position of Secretary General . She has  highlighted the main challenges she  faced in her life and she presented her story in front of a large group of women and girls who did not have chance in education. Moreover, a workshop has  been implemented  between the girls  who has been deprived of education and their mothers and all of them put their own reasons that led to the denial of education  . Some of  reasons  are dating back to the girl herself   that she doesn't  have  desire to complete her education . Other  reasons  are  belonging to the people in their inability to complete  education or for other reasons  which have been presented and discussed together. Ms. Ina'am Hillis, chairman of the Zakher stated  that education is a right and a  duty of every girl and woman who  has ambition in education to improve their cultural, educational and social level  . Education is a weapon for them all at any time and at any place, and that education is not limited by time or place or limited to age. The events concluded on the final day of the campaign  which included an open day entertaining competitions and   theatrical sketch and an open meeting with the ladies as a kind of psychological support to women who participated in campaign activities. 


Ms. Rebecca Gender project manager visit

Within the framework of the  joint cooperation between Zakher Association and International Relief Agency in an  initiative of gender project, "gender" and under the supervision of the General Union of Cultural Centers, Ms. Rebecca Deep, project manager and the  coordinater  Najwa lubad  visited  the different branches of Zakher, Tuesday, 10 / 5 / 2011. The visit comes within a series of visits to the institution, where the purpose of the visit,  is to be informed of the progress of activities and follow-up (learning units, sports, computer and forums) that carried out in the different branches of Zakher, Ms. Rebecca met with girls who  received  benefit from the educational services provided to them also  she met some ladies who participated in  other activities . Both girls and women expressed  their happiness  to be  provided  with  those services   and they were thankful to the  Foundation and Relief Agency to provide such services to them. In turn, Ms. Rebecca expressed her pleasure of the visit and thanked the management for their warm welcome and good commitment and cooperation in implementing  the activities 



Thursday, January 6, 2011 Gaza – from  Aya  Al Mashharawi  :  Zakher Association for Developing Palestinian  women Capacities ,implemented  the initiative of "The world loves us," to strengthen the bridges of trust between the children in the Gaza Strip and the outside world, with the participation of 40 of the Family Center's children who are members in the  of the association. The initiative aims at  spreading  the values ​​of tolerance and love the other, both inside and outside Palestine, and  spreading the  knowledge of other cultures in the world and understanding with all its diversity, and encouraging  children to express their  ideas with peaceful expressive. The initiative includes a range of activities, including  awareness meetings to educate children and  a running  Mrathon with 200 of the children of Family Center carrying messages and meanings with  values ​​of tolerance, and sending  messages to the world through the sea carrying the aspirations and wishes of children for the future and implementing  a range of cultural days in the world that highlight the traditions and cultures of some societies, such as the French Cultural Day and Canadian Cultural Day.   Parents and local committees and community figures participated in the initiative, , and many of the stakeholders, and we  will be working on media coverage because we realise the importance of sending the voice of children to the world. It is worth to say  that this initiative comes within the program of the "UNICEF" and it  is being implemented by the Foundation "Save the Child" Sweden's cooperation with NGOs and community institutions, and with the support of the Canadian Agency for the development of "Seda" and the Humanitarian Aid Office of the European Commission and Palestine Bank.