About Zakher

What is Zakher?

Zakher association for developing Palestinian women abilities, is the only female assembly in al Shijaia area- Gaza.  The building was founded  upon  the direction of a group of Palestinian pioneer  women in order to reduce the suffering of women under the harsh conditions that Palestinian society live in now..   The Assembly began its work in 2000 and then obtained a full license for its activities in 22/9/2003. These activities, in the early stages,  focused on providing relief services for women and parents. Its initial start was in the headquarters in Shijaiya then Zakher developed its activities to include programs aimed at empowering and strengthening the role of women in the community, in order to make them able to move into the multi-training programs..   The association has acquired the membership and the eligibility of many non-governmental institutions such as: the Arab civil society organizations, the Arab Council for Childhood and the Society is currently working to join the network of Palestinian NGOs


What Distinguishes Zakher? 

What makes Zakher distinctive is that its board of directors and all of the stuff are women; which demonstrates the ability of women to manage their issues for themselves as well as the ability to implement actions which are said to be difficult to implement.

The other feature of the Assembly is that it was working in the areas which in urgent needs; where it has branches operating in three districts: (El Zaitoun, Sheikh Radwan and Al Sha'af) in addition to the main  headquarters (Shojaeya) . Zakher considering is  these areas as places where needs are increasing as a result of the lack of existence of other institutions and because of the difficulty to reach these areas.


General Areas of Work 

The society operates in the following four sectors of development

  • Enabling and supporting women and children.
  • Public health and the environment.
  • Training and education Culture and the arts


General Objectives

  •  Attention to the issues regarding Palestinian women and their abilities to develop and enhance their role in society.
  • To contribute in finding solutions to the problems of women and mental health and social development.
  • Strengthening the role of women in the areas of child care and reproductive health.
  • To develop projects that help women to alleviate the economic burden on families in need.
  • To deepen the bonds of interdependence and social solidarity and support of family peace.
  • Activating the role of women and increase their awareness of the contribution to the protection of the environment and maintain its integrity and safety.
  • Encouraging women to interact with the issues of coordination with various community organizations and official institutions and civil organizations.
  • To pursue a training policy which can  increase women's skills  and change their tendencies into a better directio